Biz Bootcamp Workbook


Biz Bootcamp Workbook


Do you have a business that you're ready to take to the next level? Or maybe you just have one great idea that you're ready to share with the real world, but you're not sure how.

It might seem like you need a whole team to make the changes you envision. It might even seem like you need to hire a crazy-expensive business coach to hold your hand the whole way.

The Biz Bootcamp Workbook is here to help you get those same results without the high-end price tag. Get all the expertise Christy offers to her personal coaching clients at a fraction of the price when you buy this instantly-downloadable workbook jam-packed with valuable content!

In the Biz Bootcamp Workbook, Christy walks you through the 4 key areas to ensure success:

  1. Goal Setting Strategies
  2. Practical Systems Creation and Implementation
  3. Going Evergreen with Funnels
  4. Optimizing Your Website

This workbook is meant to be gone through over the course of 4 weeks, but is totally self-paced. Each week you'll find 5 short lessons teaching you the basics about each of the 4 weekly topics with homework to boot!

At the end of the month, you'll have knocked out the top 4 projects Christy is hired to help with, namely: setting goals and strategizing to reach them, creating systems for your business, taking your business to automation, and ensuring your website is doing the hard work for you.

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