When the fear of success is what's holding you back

When the fear of success is what's holding you back

It's been a minute, hasn't it?

What we meant to be a 1-2 month break turned into 2 years, yikes!

So you might be wondering, "Why exactly has this taken so long?"

I figured you might ask that, my friend. So I wrote all about it, right here.

Now, I'm gonna be really real here for a second: I have to admit, I've dealt with a hefty amount of nerves getting ready to relaunch East End. As excited as I've been to get the website back out there, I've been nervous about what people might think when they see "the return".

Would people be judging me for taking so long to come back? Or for the fact that the site went on such a long hiatus in the first place?

And not only that... I've been afraid that I would fail.

What if I come back, start again, share my heart and everything I've been working so hard on, and have felt so incredibly proud of, but nobody likes it or nobody cares?

But honestly, the thing that has made me shake in my boots more than anything else is this:

What if I SUCCEED?